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Mourning floristry - FLOWER FACTORY Berlin

Saying goodbye is a highly individual process and is often expressed through flowers.

Mourning and floristry

Mourning is always an exceptional situation. A loved one has died, sometimes not unexpectedly, but often suddenly and, above all, always forever. Together with the family, friends and companions, we want to say goodbye to this person with dignity. Funeral floristry is an elementary part of this. Our most important task is to be sensitive to your wishes and to respond to your needs. Funeral floristry should not be an empty phrase that merely fulfills social expectations. A consciously chosen floral arrangement reminds us of the characteristics and preferences of the deceased, comforts and supports us in the mourning process and thus builds a bridge between the living and the dead - especially in their transience.

FLOWER FACTORY would like to accompany this process of mourning and farewell, even if it is not conventional, but should have its own form or accompany the floristry ceremonially. In collaboration with “Beseelte Momente”, we also offer grief counseling.

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Mourning floristry

Funeral floristry should not be an empty phrase that only serves to fulfill social expectations. A deliberately chosen floral arrangement is a reminder of the personal characteristics and preferences of the deceased.

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If you have to say goodbye or would like to express your sympathy, we will advise and accompany you on this path.

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Funeral floristry from the FLOWER FACTORY in Berlin Moabit

The condolence bouquet individually arranged by the FLOWER FACTORY is a very fine and personal way of expressing sympathy in the event of a bereavement. It is delivered directly to the mourners and remains with the relatives at home. A funeral arrangement can take various forms. In addition to the classic funeral wreath, which is a round wreath or decorated with fine flowers, we also recommend decorative plant baskets. The flowers and colors of the season often provide the most beautiful suggestions for the design. Please note that some flowers are only available seasonally.

Would you like a mourning ribbon and need text suggestions for the mourning ribbon?

In this case, please contact us. We will do everything we can to fulfill your wish.